Construction procurement and supply chain management in infrastructure delivery

Who needs to attend this course and why?
The ability to deliver the intended outcomes of a project within the agreed budget and time estimates is a frequent problem when it comes to construction procurement and project management. Many projects end up with a wide gap between achieved and expected outcomes, which puts value for money for a project at risk. A root cause of this problem may lie in the development and implementation of an appropriate procurement and contract strategy for projects.
A procurement strategy identifies the best way to achieve the intended objectives of a project and value for money. If this strategic exercise is competently executed, the deviation between expected and achieved outcomes should be as small as possible. However, construction clients often experience the problem of delivery outcomes that significantly exceed the planned budget and time specifications. A construction procurement strategy comprises of the strategies relating to packaging, contracting, pricing, targeting, and procurement procedure for a particular procurement. The purpose is to satisfy the client's functional needs in the most appropriate way. Choices made in relation to funding, selection method, price basis, design, responsibility for management and supply chain integration informs the strategic procurement approach and project outcomes.
This course will provide insight into innovative construction procurement approaches and project organization techniques. The range of options that those involved in procurement can employ to deal with the variables of construction procurement, i.e. funding, selection, pricing, design, management and supply chain integration, will be examined. Delegates will receive a better understanding of the role of procurement in achieving the intended outcomes of a project and value for money in the delivery of infrastructure.


Aim of the course
This is an advanced course on procurement and contract management strategies in construction. The aim is to equip people involved in the procurement of building and civil engineering projects with advanced professional skills and knowledge to execute their job roles with greater competence to deliver the intended objectives of a project more successfully and achieve value for money in projects. Delegates will receive a better understanding of recent developments in construction procurement and contracts, current trends of construction procurement and contract practices, how to design construction procurement to achieve value for money, range of options available for dealing with various construction procurement variables, and how to develop an effective procurement strategy that helps to deliver intended outcomes and value for money in construction projects.


Course topics

  • Introduction to the ISO 10845 series of standards on construction procurement
  • Designing procurement and contract strategies for projects - this part of the course will deal with the options available to procurers in relation to packaging strategies, pricing strategies, contracting strategies, targeting strategies and procurement procedures
  • Understanding framework contracts – use of price-based and cost-based approaches in the setting up of framework agreements
  • Understanding the NEC3 Family of contracts and FIDIC contracts – a practical perspective
  • Preparing good procurement and contract documents
  • Implementing collaborative and innovative procurement and contracting approaches like target cost contracts and early contractor involvement
  • Achieving value for money in construction procurement and infrastructure delivery


Venue and date

Date: 10 – 12 August 2016

Venue: Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm daily



Dr Ron Watermeyer - a renowned international expert on construction procurement. He was Convenor of the International Standardisation Organisation's (ISO) Technical Committee TC 59 (Building and Construction) Working Group 2 for Construction Procurement (ISO 10845). His work on procurement formed the basis for the ISO 10845 family of standards on construction procurement. He has in recent years piloted the implementation of innovative construction procurement approaches including target contracts and framework agreements for the delivery of civil engineering and building projects within the public sector. He has also led the development of documented procurement and delivery management systems for a number of public sector bodies. He served as the South African Institution of Civil Engineering's 101st President in 2004. In 2010 he was awarded the Institution of Civil Engineer's International medal for his contribution over time in the delivery of enabling engineering mechanisms for the UN Millennium Development Goals. He has published more than 70 papers and articles on various aspects of construction procurement and the delivery of infrastructure.



The registration fee for the course is 300 USD

Delegates will be provided with course materials, meals, refreshments, and a certificate


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